Best African Safari Vacations, Holidays, Tours and Animals

Best African Safari Vacations, Holidays, Tours and Animals

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or it’s your first time experiencing the safari, it’s usually fun taking a vacation and including a safari ride as part of your itinerary. Whether, it is in Namibia, South Africa or Kenya, you can never get bored during a safari ride

Best African Safari Vacations, Holidays, Tours and Animals

Best African Safari Vacations , Holidays, Tours and Animals

Best African Safari Vacations, Holidays, Tours and Animals

  1. Etosha camping safari

  • Vacation

If you would you like join a small group and navigate Namibia’s largest national park, then you’ll need to book a ticket to Namibia and join the Etosha Safari camp.

  • Safari Tour

Your tour can last for as little as 3 days or as long as 10 days. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy the view of the saline deserts, savannah and woodland.

  • Safari Holiday

The safari at Etosha is a great way to spend your holiday. It takes you through the wildlife-packed Etosha National Park. You can also include the highlands of Damaraland and the rugged Skeleton Coast in your itinerary.

  • Safari Animals

The park is home to wild life such as elephant, leopard, rhino, giraffe, cheetah, hyena, lion and a diverse species of birds.

  1. Kruger Park Safari

  • Safari Vacation

The Kruger setup is a family friendly setting. You can travel to this game reserve with your family.

  • Holiday

A holiday at the largest game reserve in South Africa is definitely always going to be fun.

  • Safari Tour

You can explore the park by foot, or you can hire a ride. You can even use a hot air balloon to relish the park view.

  • Safari Animals

The park has over 500 bird species and 100 plus mammals and reptiles. Kruger Park is also home to the big 5 – lion elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard

  1. Tanzanian Safari

  • Vacation

A visit to any of the national park in Tanzania particularly the Tarangire or Serengeti National Park would certainly be an event to be remembered for a very long time.

  • Holiday

An interesting holiday will mean you visiting any of the parks in Tanzania.

  • Tour

Touring the Tarangire National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation area together with the Serengeti National Park is a great way enjoy your Tanzania safari

  • Animal

You can explore some of the most beautiful wildlife regions in Tanzania when you visit the popular parks.

  1. Zambia Canoe Safari

  • Vacation

If you’re ready to paddle on the river while touring Zambia, then you shouldn’t miss out on the Zambia Canoe Safari.

  • Safari Holiday

Setting up temporary camp settlements and paddling are some of the fun things you do when you holiday in safari camps in Zambia.

  • Safari Tour

Canoeing gently and navigating through the floodplains of the middle Zambezi and Mupata gorge should be a prominent feature of your adventure.

  • Animals

It’s great to navigate through seas of hippos and crocodiles as you paddle your way downstream.

5.     Horse safari, Wild Coast, South Africa


This horse safari provides you with the classic safari experience on a horse back.


Navigating the beautiful rural scenery of the Wild Coast while on a horse is a great way to enjoy South Africa.


Riding on a horseback along the Wild Coast is one of the best ways to get really close to wildlife and savor the view of the open savannah and game farms of South Africa’s Eastern Cape.


This region is home to a beautiful diversity of wildlife.


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