Most Underdeveloped Countries in Africa Top 10

Top 10 Most Underdeveloped Countries in Africa

Underdevelopment is a major problem in Africa. Despite the abundance of resources in this continent, a significant portion of Africa countries are still relatively poor and underdeveloped. In fact, some countries have been in existence long before their counterparts in other continents yet they are quite far behind in terms of development which brought up this post ;” Top 10 Most Underdeveloped Countries In Africa “. 

Causes Of Underdevelopment In Africa / Third World Countries

Some of the reasons ascribed to this problem include:

  • Wars
  • Incessant violence
  • Corruption
  • and political instability.

most underdeveloped countries in Africa

Characteristics Of Underdeveloped Countries In Africa & Third World Countries

  • High Poverty Rate
  • Insecurity
  • High Death Rate
  • Dirty Environment
  • Lack Of an Established System Of Management
  • Conflicts and Crisis
  • Corruption

This list of the most underdeveloped African countries is in no particular order;

Top 10 Most Underdeveloped Countries in Africa

  • Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the African countries that have suffered greatly from corruption and this obviously has led to its underdevelopment.

  • Chad

Chad is one of the largest countries in Nigeria in terms of land mass. However, it is one of the poorest. A majority of the population rely on subsistence farming.

  • Central African Republic (C.A.R)

C.A.R is faced with many issues like violence and a failing government. This has affected the development of this country and even led to population displacement over the years. However, things are starting to improve since the new government came into power in 2014.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Despite DRC’s abundant natural resources, the civil war from the past coupled with political instability and corrupt practices has led to the underdevelopment of this nation.

  • Niger

Niger is next on our list of most underdeveloped countries in Africa, they have abundance of uranium, however, the low demand of this mineral has negatively affected the economy. Also, the desertification and drought experienced by this nation has also triggered the country’s underdevelopment

  • Guinea

Guinea is a nation that has been impoverished due to its failing government.. The underdevelopment in Guinea has been linked to the government spending more on its military than its social and infrastructural system.

  • Burundi

This is another undeveloped country in Africa, that has been plagued with political instability and violence. Although the country is beginning to recuperate from the effects of violence and war, the journey to development still seems quite far.

  • Burkina Faso

The Burkina Faso Government has failed to prioritize investment in the utilities and service sector and this has contributed largely to the underdevelopment of this African nation.

  • Eritrea

Although Eritrea is not too far from the oil-rich Saudi Arabia, it still suffers from underdevelopment. However, the gold industry is starting to boom in the country,

  • Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is used to have a vibrant economy until the civil war started in 1991. Although the war has ended in 2002, the country is still on a very long road to recovery.

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