House Insurance South Africa, All You Need to Know

House Insurance South Africa, All You Need to Know

Often times, when you ask people about house insurance especially those living in rented apartments, their usual default response is: it’s not my house. But the truth is house insurance isn’t applicable only to house owners. Any one that lives in a home whether rented or owned can be insured. { House Insurance South Africa, All U Need to Know }

In fact, there are many things covered in the house insurance package apart from the building.

house insurance south Africa

You can insure your household contents and you can also access emergency services for repairs in your home without having to wait endlessly for your landlord.

In South Africa, there are many insurance providers that offer different house insurance packages and we’ve highlighted some of the popular firms in this article.

House Insurance South Africa, All You Need to Know

1. OldMutual IWYZE

OldMutual is known for its Home Emergency Services Cover. This allows access to emergency locksmits, electricians, plumber, glazier, tree fellers and security. Their service also includes insurance coverage of household contents. In this case, if any of your possession is lost due to damage, fire or theft, OldMutual will help you repair or replace them as the case may be.

Interestingly, in situations where there’s power outage for more than 24 hours, OldMutual covers any loss in your refrigerator or deep freezer content.

Also, there are packages that protect from power surge but you’ll need to select the accidental damage option when registering in order to access the service.

2. Momentum Home Office

Momentum is the trusted insurer among many home owners in South Africa. The company offers free 24 hour home assistance. Also, the insurance cover pays for a temporary accomodation anytime you need a place to stay. Interestingly, you don’t need to leave your location to submit your insurance claims because it can be done on your mobile app.

Overall, Momentum provides unique budget-friendly insurance solutions that have been tailored to individual circumstances.

3. 1st for Women Insurance

Still on House insurance South Africa , we have 1st for Women, they offers insurance packages that have been tailored to meet the needs of women. Established in 2004, some of their insurance products include: car, home contents, business, life and building insurance.
However, they are well-known for their home contents and building insurance. Additionally, they offer interesting packages that cover personal properties like jewelry, laptops, cellphone, glasses and many more.

The building and home content insurance protects your house in the case of fire, lightning, explosion, theft, earthquake, storms etc. Also swimming pools, gates, walls and garages are all covered in this package.
Additionally, 1st for Women does other things asides insurance. The firm usually donates a portion of their premium into causes against women violence and cervical cancer.

4. OUTsurance

Established in 1998, Outsurance has grown rapidly to become one of the top insurance firms in South Africa.

Over the years, they have continued to produce innovative ideas which have greatly increased their customer base.
They have a team of passionate staffs that ensure that clients enjoy quality products and services. Particularly, these staffs work efficiently with their sophisticated underwriting systems to ensure that client’s claim are quickly attended to.

5. Wrapping up On House Insurance South Africa

Home insurance is quite useful whether you live in your own home or a rented apartment. However, if you’re wondering how to go about the process, you can visit the website of any of the aforementioned insurance firms and get a quote on the service you’re interested in.

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