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Terms that seems too technical on this page should be pointed out by giving us a call or sending us a mail and we’ll be glad to explain in a way you’ll easily understand.’s visitors interest i.e privacy is the number one thing we look out for and that was what led to the creation of this page, it is basically to broaden your knowledge about our privacy policy.

Log Files

Having cookies enabled in order to gather visitors data is the new web hosting frenzy, this is in no way meant to invade your privacy. Gathered information contains basic things that you shouldn’t even worry your head about as they are totally harmless to your existence.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies being recorded by your browser is meant to aid this website at studying your online behavior.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

→ Google as an advertising agency banks on the accuracy of cookies to better serve adverts to the teeming population of Internet users.

→ To efficiently advertise and sell more products, google graduated to the use of DART cookies.

→ Sharing your internet data might not be your thing, all tou have to do is follw this link  –

Our Advertising Partners

Our advetising partners includes but not limited to …….

  • Google
  • Amazon

These companies do have their personalised privacy policy that internet users must duly adhere to before thinking of accessing any information on their websites.

Advertisements based on cookies accuracy is what these giant advertising companies solely rely on.

We have no control whatsoever on how your cookies information are being used by our advert serving partners.

Third Party Privacy Policies

The feeling of insecurity creeps in the mind of a few users when they realise their internet behavior is being monitored, if this is bugging you, don’t give yourself sleepless nights, all yoi have to do is look for a way to turn the data collection i.e cookies feature off in your browser.

Children’s Information

Visitors no matter the age group are entitled to utmost secrecy, you also have a role to play if you’re allowing your kids surf through our website, there’s the need for you to monitor the kind of information they access and if any of the information being accesed upsets you, kindly call our attention to it.

Online Privacy Policy Only

Online users of are the only set of people affected by this privacy policy.


Using our website means you fully agree to our laid out privacy policy.


The 28th day of june, 2017 which is a Wednesday is the last day this page was modified.

We reserve the right to update,modify and make amendments on this oage without informing anybody, kindly check this page as often as possible.