The search and bid for job opportunities by potential graduates, job seekers, and students in citadel of learning increases on daily basis, statistical analysis for top search words in most African countries reveals that, job search words tops the table of the search documents on most media chart, in view of this, I have decided to discuss engineering job opportunities that are in high demand in South Africa, yeah – The top 10 highest paying engineering jobs in South Africa.

Job opportunities have grown drastically over the years in South Africa, but notably, the engineering sector is taking a good side in ongoing job opportunities on the working ecosystem.

I shall be discussing top 10 paying job in this sector I.e the engineering sector.



The first on this scale is Civil Engineers.

SA as a country known for planned urban settings and working assiduously on the rural areas to bring about a carefully planned settings, civil engineers thrive well in this environment as planning of the society requires touch of civil engineers, drawing of ultra-modern community, society planning, building of Skyscrapers, more hands is required in making  this happen, so the demand for civil engineers is on the increase on daily basis, we have the structural engineers under this niche, Quality and quantity surveyors, architects etc.

highest paying engineering jobs in South Africa

highest paying engineering jobs in South Africa


the next engineering jobs on the lists of highest paying engineering jobs in South Africa, we shall be discussing is mechanical engineers.

South Africa governments are working on sophisticated industries, more sophisticated mechanical appliances are been shipped to South Africa on daily basis, all these needs the effort of expertise and those in the field of mechanical engineering to keep the use of these machines in circle, with latest developments in urbanization of some rural areas in South Africa, more machines are needed, so South Africa is in needs of mechanical engineers to make this happen and keep the face of the system in place, the demand for mechanical engineers is on the rise on daily basis.



Majorly the use of computer is on the increase ever since 2005, with daily demand of computer rises at the rate of 10% monthly, and rate of computer repairs by nerds increase on monthly basis at 6.5% monthly, consequently the total number of computer engineer in South Africa is figure to be 100 computer to one engineer per day to be able to meet up with computer user demand for repair . so this section of the engineering is getting more attention from the public and more hands are needed to sustain the needs of the users.


engineering jobs in South Africa is demanding more hands in the  genetic sector, as  South Africa governments are pushing more funds into the medical sector to develop sustaining vaccines for most epidemic disease that broke out, South Africa has little researcher and engineer in Area of genetic engineering, so the demand for genetic engineers is high, and this section is getting more attention from the public, so any job seekers who studied genetic engineering should consider South Africa as one of thriving environment for them.


Another sector which engineers are making waves is the petrol chemical industry.

The transformation agenda of SA government, makes the government concentrate more attention to this area, as crude oil and its derivatives are of high economic importance and values which generates much of the country income, expertise are employed on daily basis into this sector so as to improve and consolidate on existing efforts, petrol chemical engineers are in high demand in South Africa.


Golds as number one commodity that has consistently constitute to the IGR of the country in past years, engineers who mines, purify and make the gold readily available for transport are highly sort after and well pay in South Africa, gold is natural resources fund in South Africa, and golds are in high demand in SA, more hands are needed to make golds available in South Africa.


Industries are located on daily basis, and the structural building is built on a daily basis, electrification of these buildings is paramount, so the need for electrical engineers are in high demand.


As I have said earlier, more structures are raised in South Africa on daily basis to urbanized some rural areas, yet industrialization is growing at alarming rate ditto, as engineers were employed on daily basis to construct industry for most firm, and it requires the effort of expert who study the localization of industry to erect industry in a new area, this has made the hiring of industrial engineers increase in a drastic way.


South Africa is moving from obsolete way of railway system to a modern railway system, as super fast and efficient railways are been imported, most of the old railway needs to be reconstructed which needs effort of railway engineers to put this in place, so most engineers who are into railway are hired and most of those yet to be hire got the chance of been hire as the sector is growing in a geometric progressions.

so far so good, if you are considering working in this area, you need to have a certification in the field of your study, or get a professional certificate from a recognized and certify bodies, years of experience will be a added advantage ditto.


That’s all about the top 10 highest paying engineering jobs in South Africa 2018.


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