Career is an important aspect of life that one must get set on as soon as possible, to foster a better life and fulfill dreams. However, a career can render one frustrated and miserable, depending on your choice. Therefore, one needs to take note that there are factors to take note and think about before choosing and holding on to a career in any part of the world. ( List Of Career Choices In South Africa )

Choosing a career starts from some necessary self-check and self-awareness, to determine the kind of job that suits you. The aim of choosing a career should be more about the fulfillment and the satisfaction and not just the money involved in it. It is very necessary to choose a career that suits your abilities and talents, which forms the basis of your expertise in the career. If there is a correlation between your career and your innate abilities, you will find it easier to acquire skills to enhance your career and go all the way to get the best results, thus fulfillment is reached.

Yes! For a whole lot of people, salary is very important because there are many bills to pay, families to cater for and lots more. However, the zeal that allows you to go all the way and enjoy your job till the end is the union between what you love doing and what you do. There is a need to find happiness in what you do, whisk keeps you going. When you enjoy what you do, you are eager to do more; the more the work, the more the money you get. Also, remember that there is no work that doesn’t need hard work and sacrifice, so you have to choose a career you are very willing to sacrifice for.

List Of Career Choices In South Africa

List Of Career Choices In South Africa

Nevertheless, you can as well fuel interests in a special skill or ability that would help you function in that which you dream of, if at all you do not have the skills. If you have dreamed and are still dreaming of finding yourself in any of these best career lines, then you can always acquire the skills needed, get interested and off you go. It remains that the interest is the force that pushes you to do all your best and try all you can to the fulfillment of your career.

Best careers everywhere in the world are largely attributed to the best paying career.  Obviously, the world is no longer in the computer age, so also the career choices available, especially best ones. Presently in South Africa, according to a Salary Review conducted by Career junction gathered some data from series of Industries across Africa. According to the review, some of the highest paying jobs are: engineering, financial services, healthcare services, ICT (Information Communication Technology) and so on To choose a good job, it is good to not just research on what the job gets you doing, you also need to know the paying capacity of the job. Here is a broad list of some of the highest paying jobs in South Africa, in an ascending order.



A Chattered Accountant is an accountant in the Institute of Accountants. An accountant is someone who manages and maintains financial matters in a bank, a company or anywhere. Certainly, getting to become an accountant isn’t a day’s job, talk more a chattered one. It takes a minimum of four years in one of South Africa’s top universities and their years of practical training. There has to be a passion in order to pull through, else one would give up easily. However, the head over hills stress eventually is forgotten when the money starts coming in. A chartered accountant in South Africa averagely earns, R434, 191 in a year.



An air traffic controller basically controls the movement of air traffic to make sure aircrafts stay safe, distances apart from each other.  This is a very demanding and stressful work which requires a lot of attention and care. The reward is mouth-watering as an average air traffic controller earns R583, 450 per year.



According to the English dictionary, an Actuary is a professional who calculates financial values associated with uncertain events subject to risk, such as insurance premiums or pension contributions, hurricane, and other natural disasters. To be an actuary, you must have a degree in maths, a solid foundation on asset management, business knowledge, human behaviour and lots more. An actuary in South Africa earns as much as R598, 055 per year.



A management consultant helps organizations to manage their firms and improve results. They help in building the productivity of the organization. A management consultant mostly earns between R392, 000 and R672, 000 per year.



This career really requires a lot of skills, empowerment. Because it takes a lot of hard work and a long time to study, it’s one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa. A petroleum Engineer earns R572, 600 per year.



These are doctors but ones who have completed advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine. The kind of salary is based on the kind of specialty. Most times, neurosurgeons are paid highest while a general practitioner is mostly paid less.  The years of studying is but the reward is good. They earn between R476, 000 and R616, 000 per year.


These set of professionals have a lot of work doing in learning what technology is all about. The good thing is that their pay grows as their professionalism grow. They earn starting from R620, 230 in a year.



A legal practitioner is needed everywhere and in every organization. Somehow, everyone gets in some legal matters one way or the other, hence a lawyer is needed.  Salaries for lawyers in South Africa starts from R643, 440 and R655, 000 per year.



For this career, only a person who is specially trained can delve into this career. It is in no way for everyone, but a special few.  Flying costs lots of money just as it costs lots of attention, focus, time, expertise and risks. A pilot earns R695, 000 per year in SA.



This is the highest paying job or career in South Africa at the moment. A software engineer manages the design, development, and maintenance of software programs.  Most software engineers study computer science or programming and have had professional training. A software engineer earns R1.2 million per year in South Africa.

The list comprises some of the best career choices in SA we selected a good list of career choices in South Africa, looking at all these career choices, there is none that is a cup of milk, as they all involve hard work and persistence. More often than not, interest and passion are what make up the zeal that propels the best results in any career.

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