Richest Province in South Africa Top 10

Top 10 Richest Province in South Africa

South Africa is known to be a beautiful place and one of the best tourism center in the world. It is the one place that everyone and anyone would like to go to. There are various places in this country that are breathtaking and mind-blowing, and anyone who visits these places always has something to say. ( Richest Province In South Africa ).

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, and SA is that place to be, that place to go, and that place to explore.

This article would efficiently explore the top 10 richest province in South Africa so that viewers can also know that there is money in this wonderful country and it is no doubt spent well.

If you have ever been to SA, or you go there occasionally, it is inevitable that you take a look at one or two of the province that would be enlisted below. It would no doubt blow away your mind of imagination.

The countdown will begin from the top, the first and richest province in South Africa 2018.

Top 10 Richest Province in South Africa with enormous wealth

1. Gauteng

This is situated in the Northern part of South Africa, and its surrounding has 2 of the largest cities in it. One of the cities is known as Pretoria, which is the National Capital of Gauteng where the Dutch have taken pleasure in settling down in. The other city is known as Johannesburg which is adorned with many things relating to the fight to end apartheid in South Africa.

This environment is as beautiful as it looks in poster and people go there every now and then to have an experience.

Gauteng is said to be positioned in Highveld in SA, and though it has a small land mass, it also has the largest population of the biggest city Johannesburg is situated in it.

It is said to have very large industrial areas known as Midrand and Vanderbijlpark. The main mode of speaking in Gauteng is English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, and Sesotho.

Gauteng means ‘Place of Gold’ and though it is one of the smallest provinces in South Africa, it is the most visited and the richest province in South Africa.

Gauteng’s GDP is rated over R897,553, and its population is amounting to 11,191,700 and counting.

This is no doubt the richest province in South Africa if you agree?

richest province in South Africa

Top 10 Richest Provinces In South Africa 2018

2. Western Cape

This is known to be another rich and mind-blowing province in South Africa and that’s why it has taken the second position on this list of the top richest province in South Africa.

One good thing about this province is its shared borders with the Indian and Atlantic Ocean which is a beautiful view, even from pictures. 

Western Cape is situated in the Southern part of South Africa and has a port city of Cape Town, situated beneath a mountain called Table mountain.

It also holds one of the deadliest prisons in South Africa where the famous Nelson Mandela himself was imprisoned. The prison was later changed into a museum for people to come and explore. There are also some historical towns in this province like Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Paarl.

Western Cape has a population of over 6.5 million and counting, and it is said to be the third most populated province in South Africa.

Though this province is blessed with enormous wealth and prosperity, it has a mass population that sometimes makes it look overpopulated.

The languages used in Western Cape is Afrikaans, Wes-Kaap, Xhosa,  and Ntoshona Koloni.

The Western Cape was formed from the original Cape Province in 1994.

Western Cape has a GDP of about R376, 284 million, making it the second richest province in South Africa.


3. Eastern Cape

The capital of this province is known as Bhisho, and its two largest cities are known as Elizabeth and East London.

It has two beautiful parks in it, which are: Addo Elephant National Park and Tsitsikamma National park, where people often go with their lovers and friends to have a really nice time together.

It has many Colleges and Universities located in it. Examples are Nelson Mandela University, University of Fort Hare, Rhodes University, St Andrews College Grahamstown and College of Transfiguration.

This province came into existence in 1994, from two Xhosa homelands known as Transkei and Ciskei.

This province is also located between the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal.

This province falls into the category of the second largest province in South Africa and the third richest province in South Africa.

Its GDP ranges between R203,993 million to R300,000 million and AHS a population of over 7million inhabitants embedded in it.

This province is more than engrossed in so much wealth and the people from this province are no doubt good to go people in the society.


4. KwaZulu-Natal

This is said to be a coastal South African Province, as it is known for its many waters. This province is not only rich in wealth but also very beautiful and is the one place anyone who loves the view of the seas would want to go to.

It not only has beaches and oceans, it also has many mountains in its surrounding villages that enable tourist’s exploration.

The Safari part of this province harbors animals like the black and white Rhinos, Giraffes and Lions.

A place called Durban is used for surfing by individuals who know how to surf well. It is also rich in traditional values as the villages around it are very indigenous and are known as the Zulu people.

It has a GDP of R420,647 million and a population of about 10million people living in it.


5. Limpopo

This ranks as the fifth richest province in the list of top 10 richest province in South Africa.

This province shares a borderline with three countries known as Botswana, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. It has a lot of wildlife resources and anyone who is interested in exploring dangerous and mind-blowing things, especially animals usually find themselves in this province.

Its provincial capital is known as Polokwane which was formerly called Pietersburg. This province was named after the river called Limpopo, and it formed the western and northern borders.

The name Limpopo has a known history that is etymological in nature and founded in the Northern Sotho language called Tsa Meetse which connotes ‘strong gushing waterfalls’

Its motto is known as Peace, Unity, and Prosperity.

This province was established on November 27, 1994, from the Transvaal Province, and it rums a parliamentary type of government.

Its GDP is about R191,934 million, with a population of over 6million people and counting.


6. Mpumalanga

This is known as the Zulu name for the point where the sun rises. It is located in the Eastern part of SA, and shares its border with Swaziland and Mozambique. It has a big nature reserve known as Kruger National Park, which has enough wildlife in it.

It has a lot of rivers known as the Iconic river, Blyde River etc. 

A place called God’s window is known to be in Drakensburg in Mpumalanga and is known for its panoramic view. There are a lot of lovely views in Mpumalanga, like the Mac Mac falls.

The GDP of this province is R187,367 million with a large population of about 3,627,600. This is no doubt the sixth richest province in South Africa.


7. North West

This is an Island in South Africa and a very beautiful one at that. It has a lot of mountain, shrubs, and forests embedded in it, and it is called the only home to Sun City, a resort with a lot of hotels, casinos, and parks.

It has one University in it known as North-West University.

Its capital is called Mahikeng, and its largest city is known as Klerksdorp. This province is located west of Gauteng and very rich.

Its GDP is about R177,075 million with a population of about 3,200,900.


8. Free State

This province stretches towards the Maluti Mountains that shares borders with Lesotho.

The capital if the Free state is Bloemfontein, which is called a judicial capital. It had many indigenous histories attached to it.

It is known for its high duration in politics and its environment is very political in nature which makes it very proud to be one of the richest province in South Africa.

Its main route springs between Johannesburg and Cape Town, and it is a very beautiful place to be.

The GDP of this province is about R145,405 million and its population is as large as 2,824,500.


Northern Cape

The largest province in South Africa, and has so man desert landscapes. It shares a known and popular park with Botswana called Kgalagadi Transfontier Park, which is the home of Lions and Falcons.

This province was created in 1994 when the Cape province was divided into five districts.

The GDP of this province is about R61,175 million with population mass of about 1,103,900.

That’s all, thanks for reading.


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